Antenna Mounts

Micro Wireless Solutions manufactures a wide variety of mounting solutions for all antenna brands for wood, metal or concrete poles. Adapter plates are also available making it easy to change from one antenna manufacturer to another. These range from directional panel antennas or Pseudo Omni “Canister” designs more commonly deployed in small cell, oDAS and 4G/5G site applications. These mounts come with optional concealment features that securely attach adding the ability to create esthetics that blend into the environment and are appealing to the public.

MWS offers a through bolt design feature for all its antenna mounts for wood pole and metal pole applications. Our Patent “through bolt” system, adds the structural integrity required by jurisdictions and utility companies when attaching to the top of an existing structure. MWS also provides a heavy-duty side mount banding solution for metal street light poles engineered to support canister antennas with cable concealment features hidden within the mount.

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