Antenna/Radio Shrouds

Antenna and Radio concealment requires the ability to create esthetics that blend into the environment and are appealing to the public both pose a unique challenge and specialty. Combined with the higher frequency bands of PCS, AWS, and higher temperatures in particular geographical areas, much consideration is rooted into the
design and materials used.

Hot climates coupled with inadequate ventilation/circulation can cause a multitude of concerns. MWS engineers take all precautions when designing each application to assure that thermal dissipation and cooling for the radios and other electronics is forefront. With noticeable radio and node failures throughout the country, we recognize how important these factors are for each shroud we make.

MWS understands the need for diversification when designing communication facilities. We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of products to satisfy all applications and requirements for thermal or esthetic specifications for both antenna and radio equipment. MWS is your go to company for any custom concealment features.

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