Equipment Mounts

Micro Wireless Solutions (MWS) is committed to providing the highest quality of products, which is our core commitment to excellence. MWS spends a considerable
amount of time and resources developing products like our patent equipment mount. Using the aluminum materials offers a robust lightweight solution enabling each mount to support a variety of technology easy to assemble for each application.

Our equipment mount range in size from sizes 2ft. to 14ft. in length with a load capacity of up to 1400lbs. Our Patent “Through-Bolt” feature along with the neoprene pads for each attachment provides the stability and structural integrity demanded by our clients for all right-of-way “ROW” applications.

As part of our product line, our MWS radio mounts add a unique perspective specifically made for our JPAK mounting system. These mounts modify the existing space by increasing the ability to add additional radios or other parts changing configurations, adding capacity or to enlarge the coverage footprint.

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