A major goal for the MWS design team is we “Solve Problems”. Our designs have propelled MWS as a leader in development of innovative engineering solutions specific for wireless telecommunication industry.

  • Installation & Field Support

    All our products are interchangeable providing fast and easy solutions. Installation instructions come with each mount assisting the installer during set up.

  • Engineering & Design

    Our experienced and knowledgeable staff ensures our integrated designs meets RF, mechanical, and environmental requirements and ensures quality products.

  • Paint Process

    At MWS, each phase is crucial to our products resilience. Our finished process of Super Durable Polyester Powder Coat Finish includes UV Protectant.

Equipment Mounts

MWS is committed to the highest quality of products. We spend considerable time and resources developing products such as our Patent “Equipment Mounts”. Our aluminum materials offer a lightweight solution streamlining assembly and installation.

  • Our Patent

    Our Patent “Through Bolt” technology feature with neoprene pads and curved saddle brings stability and structural integrity to each application.

  • JPAK Mounting System

    Our JPAK product line is versatile and compatible for ALL antenna and radio modules giving the ability to modify any existing space.

  • Flexibility

    Our Equipment Mounts range from 2ft. to 14ft. in length with a load capacity of up to 1400 lbs. ALL our products can be custom designed to your Clients/Cities requirements.


MWS’s manufacturing knowledge in metal fabrication coupled with state-of-the-art machinery allows us to produce quality, scalability with consistency in all our products.

  • Standards

    MWS takes great care in producing all its products utilizing the highest possible standards through various designs and manufacturing principles promoting safety, reliability and efficiency.

  • Codes/Certifications

    • Certified Welders

  • Experience

    MWS instils over 50 years of metal fabrication/manufacturing and 23 years of wireless experience into all our products.

Paint Process

All MWS mounts go through a pain stacking design process completed with a powder coat finish baked at over 500 degrees to ensure resilience in all environments.

  • Paint Standards

    Our paint products start with a Super Durable Polyester Powder coat finish resistant to chipping, scratching and heavy wear.

  • UV Protectant

    All our painted products come with a 10-year durable UV resistant covering keeping the mount free of rust and other forms of corrosion.

  • Color Selection

    MWS offers up to 650 color choices from gloss, satin and flat finishes to satisfy any request.

Customer Experience

MWS prides themselves on providing a unique customer involvement giving our clients a full service experience with every purchase from design to the delivery of their order.

  • Delivery

    While our focus in manufacturing milestones, performance reviews and project forecasting are vital in our manufacturing process; we include this matrix in our Delivery processes to assure our on-time Deliveries success!

  • Product management

    MWS offers a collaborative inventory management system to support your large project logistic needs assuring all product orders are recorded and tracked.

  • Prototype

    With new applications, we offer a custom design system including first article or prototype fabrication allowing the customer to interact through the design phase.

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